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Dear Republican Women!

Today our Hillary brochure, through the National Federation of Republican Women's Newsletter, was sent to 50,000 women!  I am so proud of "us".  

 All the work Mary Tripp did on research, all the meetings of the women who were part of the "Mission 2016" focus groups which met over and over again to discuss and refine our message, we did it!  It went nation-wide.   There is certainly satisfaction in achieving our goal, but more then that, there is a level of pride in the work we all did together.  I believe together, as Mary Tripp said to me, she did all this for her grandchildren, right on Mary!

 I believe we are working to win this election for all the right of our country and families...

We Live in Interesting Times...Or Stop the Merry Go Round, I want to get off...

Either way you look at it, we have never been involved in a Presidential Campaign like this one...of course, none of us have personal memories of the 1948 Election for President between Truman and Dewey...there is a lesson in that historic Presidential election.  Truman was down, according to polls - at the time - by 5 points the night before the election, and on election day he beat Dewey... The lesson is the same... never underestimate the power of the people.  Then of course, we have a vague memory of the Richard Nixon campaign, and the winning combination of the people and "The Silent Majority" .

It's not even Labor Day, so stay tuned. 

On August 11th, at our monthly meeting, we had a terrific "meet and greet" with candidates, 28 of our members where in attendance and about 25 guests.  I like the format, which Paula Bender who ran the meeting established, each candidate had 2 minutes and that is all they took, to introduce themselves and then we asked all our members and guests to stand and move around and talk to the candidates individually.  I think it worked well.  I hope those who were there thought so too.  Special thanks to Paula for arranging and organizing an energizing meeting.

That evening I went over to see Donald Trump speak, it was an electrifying crowd, and I was so proud of "us", State FFRW President, Dena DeCamp, made some powerful opening remarks, as did Pam Bondi.  It was there that we heard Donald Trump say, "My advisors want me not to respond to the lies being said about me, I want to respond and I am going to".  (Interesting that since then there has been a shake up in the Trump Campaign Leadership).

Saturday night, August 13th, we got to hear Dena and Pam Bondi again, only this time at the Republican Club of The Villages - BBQ - a great evening and again we saw local candidates.  Congratulations to the Republican Club and their Chairman, Dave Lausman and John Black Events Chair, on a great gathering of Republicans!

So, it's been busy but exciting!  Now we have to go to work and get involved in the August 30th Primary, if you are in The Villages, please volunteer for a candidate of your preference, or stop in at Headquarters and help out.  It's time for all good Republicans to be involved. 

I personally, don't think there is ever a good Primary, but once it is over, we need to regroup, and support the candidates and win.....from the School House to The White House...

Looking forward to seeing you soon, I am off to New York to try to help organizing a grassroots effort for the Trump Campaign. I  will keep you informed of this new adventure, as I said at the beginning of this letter, we live in interesting times.

God Bless America

Best regards

Marina Woolcock,
RFWTV President


Fun time at the Sumter County Republican Party's BBQ Saturday August 13 2016


National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Call to Support Louisiana Federation of Republican Women's Members

Republican Federated Women The Villages have sent a donation to NFRW for Louisiana sister clubs so tragically impacted by the floods. 


The regular monthly meeting of the Republican Federated Women The Villages (RFWTV) WILL NOT be held on Thursday, September 8. Instead we are holding a We Read The Constitution meeting on Saturday September 17. See particulars below: 


"We Read The Constitution"

Please join RFWTV for a very special "We Read The Constitution" event where we will read the Constitution aloud and enjoy a potluck dinner and home baked apple pies.

The event will be held on Constitution Day, Saturday, September 17th from 5-8 pm, at the Coconut Cove Rec Center, 1398 Stillwater Trail

We will be taking turns reading sections of the Constitution so everyone can have a chance to participate as we celebrate our Constitution.

We ask everyone to bring a main or side dish for the potluck and a home baked apple pie (can be frozen but home baked preferably). 

Please feel free to bring guests, but please RSVP to with the number of people who will be attending.



NFRW Celebrates Trump's Choice
of Conway as Campaign Manager

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), the nation's largest Republican women's group, congratulated Donald J. Trump today on his choice of Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager. Conway is the first woman to lead the campaign of a Republican presidential nominee.

"On behalf of the NFRW, we wish all the success in the world to the Trump-Pence campaign and their new leaders, Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager and Stephen K. Bannon as campaign CEO," NFRW President Carrie Almond said. "Kellyanne has been a great friend to the Federation. We have worked with her and her company several times, including for the presidential straw poll we conducted at our 2015 convention."

Mr. Trump is known around the world for his ability to hire the right people for the job, and his decision to promote Conway to campaign manager shows America, again, how important it is to choose the most talented, most qualified people for any organization, regardless of gender or race.

"I've heard from women across America about how excited they are with the choice of Kellyanne," Almond continues. "We can't wait to see great things continue out of the Trump-Pence campaign as their team moves forward to the election."




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Mission Statement

The Republican Federated Women of the Villages foster loyalty to the Republican Party's principles and candidates in all elections. We support the objectives and policies of the Florida Federation and the National Federation of Republican Women, the Republican National Committee and The Republican Party of Florida. Political education promotes the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active participation.


Monthly meetings are open to all who live in Marion, Lake, or Sumter Counties. Membership is open to The Villages residents.