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Dear Friends,

Women do politics differently, that's something I always believed. However, this past election, and all we see going on in our country today, is showing me another side of how some women in powerful places deal with positions of power.  

I always admired Donna Brazile, as a women who had made it to the top of her chosen profession.  Although I may not have agreed with her politically, I admired her.  

In recent days, she has proven that when given power, status, and achievement, she opted to use her position of power to "break political rules" for political gain. Brazile admitted that she shared debate questions with the Clinton campaign. She was fired from CNN.

Donna Brazile, finally came clean and admitted that her dual role as a CNN commentator and Vice Chair of the Democratic Party, made her choose "winning" over honesty.  Whatever her excuse, she uses to justify her choice is irrelevant because that choice not only hurts our democratic process it reflects poorly on other women because we thought we could expect better from women in powerful leadership positions.  But, then again, human nature is not always what you want it to be or expect it to be, and Mrs. Bazile actions shows it doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman.  

I have been involved in many political campaigns involving women, which is how I formed my belief that, women did politics differently.  I learned early on, that when it's all over, win or lose, you have to live with your personal values.  Donna Brazile let down so many women when she had the chance to be a woman leader who does it the right way, she failed, and she has to live with the consequences.  

Winning in political campaigns is important, elections have consequences, so does losing, there are rules even in the political world and when you break those rules, you pay the consequences.    

I have to ask the question, what would you have done in Donna Brazile's situation? Would you have given the Clinton campaign the questions?  Would you have then lied about it, invoking the fact that you are a Christian woman as an intimidation factor? On so many levels what Donna Brazile did was so wrong, for me, political parties asideshe let women down and that's not ok.


Marina Woolcock, President
Republican Federated Women of The Villages.

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Mission Statement

The Republican Federated Women of the Villages foster loyalty to the Republican Party's principles and candidates in all elections. We support the objectives and policies of the Florida Federation and the National Federation of Republican Women, the Republican National Committee and The Republican Party of Florida. Political education promotes the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active participation.

Monthly meetings are open to all who live in Marion, Lake, or Sumter Counties. Membership is open to The Villages residents.